Walk In Tubs Available for Installation in Rockville, MD

Walk In Tubs Rockville MDWalk in tubs can make outstanding additions to homes in Rockville, Maryland. They combine the utilitarian goal of easy access with the comfort and relaxation that you’d expect from a well-designed bathtub. If you’re considering adding a walk in tub to your bathroom, be sure to talk to Remodel USA. We have been one of the area’s leading bathroom remodeling firms since 1999, and we’d be happy to put those years of experience to work by helping you select your ideal tub and then installing it with the utmost care.

At Remodel USA, we only offer MediSpa walk in tubs because we know that they are durable and are designed with safety and comfort in mind. For example, they have some of the lowest thresholds available, as well as 17-inch-high seats that are the ideal height for comfortable bathing. Our walk in tubs are also intended to be as hygienic as possible, with special gel coatings that resist the growth of mold and bacteria.

What’s more, all of our walk in tubs are equipped with multiple therapeutic options that can help you relax and unwind after a long day. They have:

  • Dual hydrotherapy massage equipment that uses water to gently massage muscles and soothe aches and pains
  • Chromotherapy options that use variable lighting to help relieve mental stress
  • Aromatherapy equipment that dissolves plant oils in the bath to produce pleasant scents to aid relaxation

For more information about the walk in tubs that we offer for installation in Rockville, MD, contact Remodel USA today. We’ll happily answer any questions you have and guide you to the ideal walkin bathtub that fits your needs and your bathroom’s layout.