Sunsuites Sunrooms

Until now, you only had three real choices when looking to add a new living space: an all aluminum, an aluminum and vinyl sunroom or an expensive “stick-built” addition.

Now, you can enjoy an innovative product that solves the shortfalls of traditional sunroom building methods with an SunSuites® Sunroom.

Our sunrooms offer:

A. More dimensionally stable structure than traditional sunroom materials,
B. Design and decorating flexibility,
C. Short construction schedule,
D. Less maintenance, and
E. Energy efficiency.

What more could you ask for? Read details below of how SunSuites® Sunrooms compare to vinyl/aluminum sunrooms and stick-built sun room additions.

Fiberglass-constructed SunSuites® Sunrooms offer a number of advantages compared to both stick-built and vinyl or aluminum sunrooms. Let’s look at those advantages in detail.

Top performance glass

Integrated electrical outlets

Integrated electrical outlets

SunSuites® Sunrooms VS.Vinyl and Aluminum Sunrooms:
  • Unique fiberglass frame stands up to 120 mph wind speeds, more than some traditional aluminum and vinyl frames
  • Features low–maintenance fiberglass windows and doors that resist corrosion, warping, rotting and cracking
  • Endless design possibilities. It can be painted – inside and out – unlike vinyl and aluminum sunrooms
  • Easily customizable to blend in with your home
  • Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty*




SunSuites ® Sunrooms VS.Vinyl and Aluminum Sunrooms:

  • Can be much more cost–effective
  • Installs in weeks rather than 3-6 months, meaning less mess and disruption to your life during installation
  • Cleaner construction – less dust or construction debris than drywall
  • Flexible design for future reconfiguration

Lifetime Limited Warranty*