Fiberglass Windows Available for Installation in Baltimore, MD

Fiberglass Windows Baltimore MDFiberglass windows are excellent additions to any home, thanks to their combination of useful features and aesthetic appeal. At Remodel USA, we are proud to install Solace windows, which are produced by one of the most widely respected window manufacturers in the industry. By replacing outdated or damaged windows with our new products, we can improve the daily lives of Baltimore, Maryland, homeowners while enhancing their homes’ overall value.

One of the reasons that Remodel USA installs fiberglass windows is their superior durability. Unlike wood frames, fiberglass frames will never disintegrate over time, nor will they rot or warp. Not only will our windows look great for years, but they also have several energy-efficient features, including:

  • Dual-paned glass
  • Inert gas fills between the panes
  • Heat-reflective metallic glass coatings
  • Triple weatherstripping

Together, these features give our windows an R-value of 7.14, where a higher number indicates better insulating value. That means that these windows can limit heat transfer into and out of the home, making it easier to maintain a comfortable interior temperature regardless of the season.

In addition to experiencing the practical benefits of choosing fiberglass windows, Baltimore homeowners also have the opportunity to improve the appearance of their homes. Our replacement windows have beautiful, narrow frames for better glass visibility. Plus, we offer many styles to choose from, including double-hung, sliding, bay, and awning options.

If you’re ready to learn more about the fiberglass windows that we install throughout Baltimore, MD, contact Remodel USA today.