Basement Finishing System

While conventional lumber and drywall construction work fine for above-ground areas, they can warp, rot and allow mold to grow in high-moisture areas like basements. In contrast, the Owens Corning™ Basement Finishing System™ lets moisture pass through naturally to greatly reduce the chances for mold growth.* Check out some of the additional advantages you’ll enjoy with the Basement Finishing System™.

A. Thermal and acoustic insulation for comfort and quiet.
B. System helps reduce dampness, mold and mildew.*
C. Durable, dent-resistant walls stands up to damage.
D. Easy access to foundation, pipes and electrical boxes.
E. Trim components fit seamlessly with easy access to low voltage wiring and foundation






With the Basement Finishing System™, you get professional, quality installation and a finished basement in about two weeks. Also, with the Basement Finishing System™ you have access to wiring and foundation without the mess of tearing into drywall.

The Basement Finishing System™ is different from traditional means because it is durable, stain and dent-resistant. That’s a key benefit when you have a growing family or pets.

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